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Good News Again: Canada Goes Against Captivity of Whales and Dolphins

There always is room for some more good news!


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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Some good news for animals! Thanks to Animalisch Untamed for this sharing this great news with us:

via Norway to Ban the Farming of Fur

Norway to Ban the Farming of Fur

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Thanks to Animalista Untamed here is an interesting article on conservation ideas from Australia. It would be wonderful if Arian’s ideas would pay off. Please read more here – and thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness:

via Isn’t it Time to Stop the Killing in the Name of Conservation?

Isn’t it Time to Stop the Killing in the Name of Conservation?

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Feathers and Light = Beauty

With so many gruesome, sad, depressing, and horrid news in connection with animals, here is something uplifting and simply beautiful. These pictures show one more reason why humans need to tread much more lightly.

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This is another in-depth, excellently research blog post by Animalista Untamed that I am thankful to be able to share with you.

Animalista Untamed

No-one knew that orangutans are unique among great apes, possibly unique among animals altogether with the exception of the human animal, in having the ability to talk about the past.

But now we do. Recently a researcher was surprised to find that the apes’ response to, say, a tiger’s presence is to gather their young to them and climb higher up the tree – in silence. You would expect the evasive action to be accompanied by an alarm call. Theirs is an endearing kind of “kiss-squeak” sound. Strangely though, they wait sometime until after the predator has entirely disappeared before they emit their kiss-squeak of alarm.
What on earth is the use of that, we ask. Isn’t that a bit late? Well, it seems the orangutan mums are transmitting a message to their infants, “THAT WAS DANGER! Remember for next time.”
Zoologists have a name for ‘talking about something…

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This Remarkable Ape is Hitting ALL the Headlines – And Not Before Time

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Stephen Hawking’s Connection To Animals

In the Telegraph (Great Britain) you can find this interesting article on animals and factory farming, the universe and its connection to how we treat animals:

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