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Petition against Animals in Entertainment


In our world there is so much to do to entertain us, distract us, make us happy and laugh. We certainly do not need to watch animals perform for us in unnatural surroundings.

PeTA has this to say and please sign the petition:
“Orcas held captive at SeaWorld spend decades trapped in tiny tanks, swimming in endless circles and forced to perform meaningless tricks for gawking spectators.

At circuses such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, terrified baby elephants are torn away from their mothers and struck with sharp bullhooks until they submit to workers.

Animal abusers are trying to draw visitors in by offering deeply discounted tickets in partnership with Groupon. But if we join together and speak up now, we can convince Groupon to sever ties with the likes of SeaWorld and Ringling Bros.—and cut off one of the last tools that these companies have to prop up their abusive businesses.

Speak up now for orcas, elephants, and other animals trapped and tormented by the entertainment industry! Tell Groupon to stop promoting cruel animal shows and cancel these deals today.

Many major companies, including MasterCard, Visa, Ford, and Travelzoo, already have a ban on Ringling Bros. promotions. And thanks to the success of documentary films such as Blackfish—and the public outcry from people like you—the backlash against companies such as SeaWorld is in full swing, and it’s only growing stronger. Musical acts such as Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies have cancelled appearances at the park in recent months, and New York hot spot Bagatelle cancelled SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary party after hearing from PETA.

These moves all prove one thing: Your voice can make a real difference for animals. I hope you’ll use it today to help the intelligent, complex, and sensitive animals who face never-ending boredom, pain, and abuse at SeaWorld, Ringling Bros., and other purveyors of so-called “entertainment.”

Send a note to Groupon now and urge it to cut ties with SeaWorld, Ringling Bros., and other entertainment companies that abuse animals!

I’m heartened by the progress that we’ve already made to help orcas, elephants, and other animals in captivity, but there is so much more work to be done. Thank you for helping to take us one step closer to a world in which no animal faces daily abuse for the sake of entertainment.”

You can sign the petition at

You can find more information at


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