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Tiger Tony – Truck Stop Attraction?

PeTA´s photo of Tony  the Tiger

PeTA´s photo of Tony the Tiger

Are there really people out there who find a caged, lonely, miserable tiger worth stopping for and viewing him as an attraction? And not wanting to find a better place for him?

“Last Chance to Help Tony the Tiger!

Urgent update: Pending a veto from Governor Bobby Jindal, Tony the tiger will continue to languish in a cage as a roadside attraction. Please act NOW and tell Governor Jindal to veto Senate Bill (S.B.) 250 and send Tony to a sanctuary!

Tony the tiger has been caged and used as a tourist attraction at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tête, La., for more than 10 years.

Unfortunately for Tony, Louisiana Senate Bill (S.B.) 250 was designed to appease owner Michael Sandlin and allow his continued custody of the suffering tiger, despite the fact that his captivity of Tony was declared illegal by a state court of appeal. The Louisiana legislature should be ashamed of itself for creating a loophole to skirt its own state’s animal-protection laws just so that a truck-stop owner—who has repeatedly violated federal law by failing to provide tigers with adequate veterinary care and safe and sanitary housing and by handling tigers in a way that causes them undue stress or trauma—can continue to use a caged, deprived tiger as a sad “mascot.”

Tony deserves the chance to roam an area that is measured in acres instead of just feet and inches. PETA is calling on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to veto the legislature’s ludicrous move, and as we have offered for years, PETA stands ready to help transport Tony to a sanctuary that will give him a real life.”

To help Tony the Tiger please go to;jsessionid=81B92B983C0170D818829DE48175EBE6.app337a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5417&autologin=true&utm_campaign=061314&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=E-News

To learn more about Tony the Tiger please go to


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