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Where Do You Find Your New Four-Legged Love of Your Life?

Photo: Animal Rescue Corps

Photo: Animal Rescue Corps

Photo: Washington Animal Rescue League

Photo: Washington Animal Rescue League

Every day, there are people looking to find a new four legged family member. Some immediately turn to a shelter, some find their new love of their life through family or friends, but there still are too many who – mostly due to ignorance or naivety – buy their new dog in a store or, worse, on-line. They do not question where the dog comes from, where the breeder is, they just look for size (mostly small), breed (dogs sometimes are a fashion statement), age (the younger, the better), and price (strangely, some will pay huge amounts of money without questions asked). This is why puppy mills still thrive.

The Washington Animal Rescue League helped save some of these dogs, again:

“They Gained Their Freedom, Now Help Them Gain Their Independence

At this very moment, 21 sweet, but scared, small breed dogs are receiving refuge at the Washington Animal Rescue League. These canines were among more than 100 that were the beneficiaries of a Tennessee puppy mill bust by the Humane Society of the United States.

This is probably the first time any of these beagles, pugs and other small breed dogs have tasted a moment of freedom from the pain, trauma and illness caused by the miserable existence of a life trapped in a tiny, filthy cage.

Yes, they now have their freedom from the puppy mill, but they haven’t gained their independence from it. The adverse effects of that life still haunt these innocent creatures.”

You can read more about the Washington Animal Rescue League here

You can read more about the  Humane Society of the United States here

You can learn more about puppy mills here



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