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No Dogs on Chains

If you ask people who have a dog tied up in their back yard why they bother to keep this animal they more often than not will tell you that a) they need the dog for protection and b) that they love dogs.

a) How can a dog protect you when the creature is tied up and cannot even go anywhere?

b) Is it love to tie someone up and not interact with the other being?

All dogs should be free, able to bond with their family, have a right to food, shelter and happiness. It still is a long way to go.
“A muddy patch of dirt and a flimsy plastic box. That was Diamond’s whole world. Diamond is a sweet dog discovered by PETA fieldworkers in an extremely poor area of rural North Carolina.

She had almost no shade to squeeze into to protect her from the scorching sun, even though summer temperatures here can soar into the 90s—sometimes hovering around 100 degrees—for weeks. Not only did Diamond have the hot weather to contend with—dogs can cool themselves only by sweating through their paw pads and panting—she was also exposed to all that comes with summer’s violent thunderstorms.

As soon as they found her, PETA’s fieldworkers changed Diamond’s world. They popped her into our truck, and she rode in comfort to our mobile clinic, where she was examined and spayed. Afterward, they had no choice but to take her back, but they made sure that she had a sturdy new PETA doghouse with a shady overhang ready and waiting for her on a patch of fresh grass.”

You can find out more about PeTA´s help program here

You can learn more about chain dogs here



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