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Petition: Tigers + Fire = Torture



Depending on your age, you might have grown up going to a circus with your parents and being amazed by the beauty and agility of lions and tigers. And having an adrenaline rush when one of these imposing creatures would walk by in the arena.

Nowadays, it is hard to believe that there still are people who have not yet heard about the sheer unbearable conditions these animals have to live in.

“Caesars Entertainment owned Harrah’s casino in Laughlin, Nevada, is scheduled to present Dirk Arthur’s “Wild Magic”—an illusion act featuring tigers and other wild cats—despite Arthur’s lengthy history of animal abuse. We urge you to join PETA in demanding that Caesars end its affiliation with Dirk Arthur immediately.

During a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection of Dirk Arthur at Harrah’s in Laughlin, federal inspectors found that Arthur had cruelly forced two tigers and a lion to undergo painful declawing procedures in violation of a longstanding USDA policy, subjected a snow leopard and a bobcat to unsafe and hazardous conditions in enclosures, failed to use adequate barriers to protect the animals and the public, denied the cats the opportunity to exercise, and failed to provide the cats with sufficient space to “make normal postural and social adjustments.”

Whereas tigers, lions, and other big cats are apex predators with home ranges of up to hundreds of square miles in the wild, the big cats used for Dirk Arthur’s magic show are housed in tiny transport cages at the casinos and, according to the USDA, deprived of sufficient space in which to move about—and they have no opportunity to exercise.

The USDA has also cited Arthur for disregarding other minimum standards of care prescribed by the federal Animal Welfare Act, including multiple citations for forcing big cats to remain in metal cages outside a Las Vegas casino in excessive heat with no protection from the summer sun. These citations included two occasions on which temperatures reached upward of 120 degrees.

While agreeing not to work with Arthur in the future is a first step, it is not enough. By continuing to host this abusive exhibitor this summer, the company is condoning cruelty to animals.

Please take a moment to demand that Caesars Entertainment cancel “Wild Magic” immediately!”


Please sign the petition

You can learn more about animals in circuses here



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