Petition: Exotics Cats in Las Vegas – Is There Not Enough Other Entertainment?

A city in a desert with millions of lights blinking, fountains splashing, air conditioners humming, slot machines jingling. And in the middle of it all: exotic cats for amusement. Why do you need more exotic entertainment than the whole city in itself already is?

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

“Starting on July 3, Caesars Entertainment–owned Harrah’s casino in Laughlin, Nev., is scheduled to present Dirk Arthur’s “Wild Magic”—an illusion act featuring tigers and other exotic cats—despite the fact that Arthur has been cited recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for serious violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. These violations include forcing two tigers and a lion to undergo painful declawing procedures in violation of a longstanding U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, subjecting a snow leopard and a bobcat to unsafe and hazardous conditions in enclosures, failing to use adequate barriers to protect the animals and the public, failing to provide the cats with sufficient space to “make normal postural and social adjustments,” and denying them the opportunity to exercise.

Please join PETA in demanding that Caesars end its affiliation with Dirk Arthur!”

You can sign the petition here


You can learn more about exotic animals in circuses here



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