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Petition: Whaling for “Research” = Deliberate Extinction of Whales?

Photo: Greenpeace

Photo: Greenpeace

For many centuries whales and other sea creatures have been hunted by humans. For most of these water species this meant hunted until extinction or near-extinction.

Several countries have signed agreements to no longer hunt whales and the whale population seemed to have stabilized (another way of saying that at least there were still some animals left). Whales are not only threatened by huge ocean liners that hit them, by the noise pollution in the seas, by plastic and other debris humans simply dump into the waters, but also by still being hunted “for research”. Now what kind of research is there to be done on those animals that will soon no longer be there if hunted further? Is this not a paradox in itself?

“Greenpeace just received a leaked proposal that the US plans on submitting to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) next week, and the news is terrible.

Here’s what it says: “lethal sampling (also known as whaling)…is appropriate in relation to achieving the stated objectives.” Translation: You can kill as many whales as you want if you promise to run experiments on their dead bodies.

It’s killing whales disguised as science. And it’s something that the US government has long rejected. Until now.

Take action and tell the US government to drop this proposal to kill whales.”

you can sign the petition here


You can learn more about whales and the hunting of them here


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