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Even Prison Is Better Than This

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Most farm animals no longer actually live on what our imagination pictures as a farm: a place with a red barn, a rooster on a heap of straw welcoming the day with his crow while the hens cackle enthusiastically, picking in the lush meadow. A pink pig rolling happily in a cool mud pond before strutting over to the trough for a delicious vegetarian meal.

No, most farm animals are confined to cages that do not let them move freely, let alone feel the sun on their bodies or roll over happily.

“Imagine being locked in a cage or crate so small you couldn’t extend your arms and legs or even turn around. How long would it be before you felt cramped, frustrated and afraid?

Hundreds of millions of pigs and billions of egg-laying hens spend their entire lives this way. Help us change that — sign our “no cages” pledge!

Please read more and sign the pledge


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