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Testing on Animals – Make It a Relic of the Past

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Animal testing is slowly but hopefully surely being reduced in many countries if not stopped altogether. The more people are becoming aware of the uselessness of most – if not all –  of these tests the more are not buying into the necessity thereof and are looking for alternatives.

“Right now in Brazil, bill PLC 70/2014 on cosmetics testing on animals is being examined by the Senate. The bill – initially called PL 6602/13 – was written to prohibit all animal tests for cosmetics. Unfortunately, loopholes introduced in the Chamber of Deputies have made it ineffective and toothless.

If we don’t fix the bill, these loopholes will allow any animal test for cosmetics currently happening in Brazil to continue – even years after alternatives have been established. It will be a ban in name only that hardly saves a single animal. Companies will also be able to circumvent the ban by conducting cruel and unnecessary animal testing abroad and importing the cosmetic products into Brazil. We’re fighting for changes to strengthen the bill so that it will really protect animals in labs.

Speak out: Ask Senators to support our proposal for a REAL ban on cosmetic tests on animals.

The European Union and India have done it already. Tell your Senators that you want Brazil to join the growing list of countries which have stopped these tests.”

Please sign the petition


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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