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Dog Hoarding Is Hell on Earth

Photo: HSUS

Photo: HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States tries to act as fast as possible when asked for assistance. In the Mississippi hoarding case they came to the rescue of many animals suffering terribly, and having been in desperate need for help for days, weeks, months, maybe even longer.

When you see, hear or even smell something is wrong do get help. Hearing many dogs barking in one place could mean it is a terrific animal shelter. But it could also mean that someone is abusing dogs, letting them live in Hell on Earth.

“We’re finding dogs with fresh, open wounds and limbs that have clearly been broken for a long time. Many of them are terribly dehydrated and completely infested with fleas. But we’re here working with local law enforcement — and we’ll be here until the dogs are safely removed from this awful existence.”

Please


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One thought on “Dog Hoarding Is Hell on Earth

  1. Poor darling-normally dogs have happy faces even dogs who aren’t getting the love they deserve-such is their beautiful nature. This one looks like he is hurting. You are right and thanks for posting. We must intervene if we think something is up-even if we’re mistaken. Better to reach out than to ignore a possible situation of abuse or neglect.

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