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Milk With a Dose of Feces

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

The milk industry continues to be a booming business. The margins, though, are small, so to make more money the industry simply makes life for those beings who produce the milk industries’ gold even more miserable than it was in the first place.

“After a disturbing tip about cruel and grotesque conditions on a North Carolina dairy farm that supplies milk to supermarket chain Harris Teeter, we took a look ourselves.
What we found was shocking.

Emaciated, lame cows whose bones protrude sharply are forced to eat, sleep, and trudge through a deep pool of their own corrosive, bacteria-laden waste while flies swarm about them. The constant contact of the feces and urine with their sensitive skin and feet has resulted in painful foot injuries and ulcers and can also contaminate the milk.”

Read more here

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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