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Bobcats Do Not Want to Live on Fur Farms



If you live in a place with no electricity, no heating, far away from any developed part of the world and the temperatures fall to degrees where human beings cannot survive without protection, maybe then you need to wear fur. Otherwise, there is no necessity to kill an animal for his skin.

There is an exciting industrial development with innovations of clothing that can keep the body heat without having to wear layers and layers of clothing. Clothing that looks good, feels good, and comes form humane sources.

“Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is currently taking public comments on its Schultz Fur Farm Environmental Assessment, which recommends the permitting of a bobcat farm near Roy, Mont., where bobcats would be captive-bred and then sold to the cruel fur industry. Comments are due by August 29, so your voice is needed immediately!

In the wild, bobcats roam vast natural territories that can span 25 square miles, foraging for food, raising their young, and frolicking with family members. These animals are highly sensitive and elusive beings who avoid human contact at all cost. If Larry Schultz’s farm is permitted, bobcats would spend the majority of their short lives in small wire cages commonly seen in the unscrupulous fur industry. Intensive confinement prevents animals from being able to take more than a few steps in any direction or feel the earth beneath their feet. Many animals go insane under these conditions and will mutilate themselves and cannibalize their cagemates. Reportedly,bobcats have killed their young on Schultz’s fur farm in North Dakota.”

Please comment before August 29th, 2014 following this link

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!



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