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If Predator Beings Would Have the Choice Would They Hunt Human Beings?

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Hunting is still considered a sport in many countries. While it will not be possible to change this point of view in a day or two it certainly is possible to make yourself heard that this is not what you think.

Yes, there are predator animals and yes, human beings used to have to hunt for their nutrition. But today? Have we not evolved from the hunter-gatherer period? So now we need to hunt as  a sport? Really? To compete with predator beings? Sounds more like stagnation or worse than evolution.

“ALDF needs your help to shut down a killing spree that threatens native wildlife and habitats in Salmon, Idaho. A group called “Idaho for Wildlife” is planning on hosting a killing contest against native predators, including coyotes, foxes, and wolves. Last winter the group held this “derby” and killed numerous wild animals for blood sport. Now they want to repeat this contest over the next five winters, over three million acres of public lands. Native wildlife need your help — a public comment period is open until August 18 with the Bureau of Land Management.”

Please sign the petition today


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!



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