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Eating Dogs = Eating Pigs?


Photo: HSI

Photo: HSI

There are stories of people all over the world bonding with animals. Why are some animals only considered food whereas others become family members? Who has the right to decide whether eating a dog is worse than eating a pig? In the western hemisphere humans will cuddle with their dog, the dog gets to sleep in the house if not in the bed of their human family. But pigs get crammed into crates where they can barely move let alone turn around. In other countries dogs get crammed into small cages before they are sold off as meat. Are dogs better? Smarter? Tastier? Easier to catch? Easier to murder? Easier to hold in your arms?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black …

But this is about dogs, please help:

“A dog looks up at a woman as he is offered water after days of going without. Barking and whining can be heard all around from frightened, confused animals, many injured and some laboring to breathe. Veterinarians work frantically as darkness falls on a crowded field.

Numerous stolen pets, along with a police service dog, were discovered this past week among some 3,280 dogs bound for slaughter in China’s dog meat market. Despite sweltering summer temperatures, they were densely packed into small wire cages without regard for safety or welfare.”

Please


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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