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How Do You Train Medical Students Without Harming Animals?



Where do animals for training and teaching come from? How do students learn to become doctors, veterinarians, nurses, etc.? They often are set up with animals caught off the streets and not yet knowing what to do end up mistreating these animals unnecessarily. In several states the use of animals not bred for studies is denied but with homeless animals roaming the streets of many cities in the world who is the advocate for these animals without a voice?

Some training courses can be especially torturous, an end in some countries is not yet in sight.

“The constant risk of hunger, disease, parasites, and abuse at the hands of cruel people make it difficult for any homeless dog to survive for long on the streets—but in some countries, there’s another deadly threat that these already desperate animals face.

Right now, in cities around the world, stray dogs are being dragged away from alleys and roadsides and taken to filthy rooms, where they often receive inadequate anesthetics before being cut open and killed in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) training courses. Homeless dogs aren’t the only animals being harmed—pigs, goats, and sheep are also cut into during these courses.”

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Train Medical Students Without Harming Animals?

  1. narcopathcrusher says:

    I think it is crusial to choose people not only capable of studying but having the right mentality towards animal. Empaths are always better for these sort of professions because they are able to view animals as a beings with feelings and not a product to be exploited. I always get mad at the discrimination of pet of a poor owner vs pet of a rick owner. If people in the military or the police undergo psychiatric evaluation why not future vets? Also it is important to establish clear laws about animals rights and have professors who will not turn a blind eye.

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