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What to Do When Threats towards Companion Animals Prolong Abusive Relationships?

Photo: ALDF

Photo: ALDF

Women (and sometimes men, too) who are in an abusive relationship will stay when they do not know where to take their beloved pet. Holding the pet hostage therefore is another form of torture. And so far, there often is hardly any choice for those being abused.

“Many perpetrators of domestic violence threaten violence against companion animals as a way of exerting control over victims who are hesitant to leave their abusers without a safe solution for their pets. Because few domestic violence shelters are equipped to house companion animals, many survivors return to their abusers or delay leaving in the first place — out of concern for the safety of pets they must leave behind when seeking refuge at a women’s shelter. The PAWS Act fills this critical void by extending broader, more uniform protection for companion animals and by making sure victims of domestic violence have a safe place to go with their pets.”

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