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Who Wants to See Animals in Tiny Cages?

Photo: ALDF

Photo: ALDF

Winning over the government to help protect animals in human custody is urgently needed to help avoid disaster. There are many wild animals in the hands of people who either do not have the means, the knowledge, the empathy or all of the above to care for an animal who is supposed to live in the wild.

“Next week, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will consider positive new amendments to its regulations governing the possession of big exotic cats, non-human primates, bears, wolves, and other dangerous wild animals. These amendments will close a loophole that might otherwise enable unscrupulous exhibitors to obtain an exemption from the state’s restrictions on private possession of dangerous species. They also will allow for the Department to make key, unannounced inspections at facilities that house dangerous wild animals.”

Please learn more here and sign the petition


Thank you for helping spread the word on animal awareness!


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