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What do Aquariums and Food Markets have in Common?

free whales and dolphins

free whales and dolphins

Photo: HSI

Photo: HSI

So you think staying away aquariums that keep dolphins will keep the dolphins safe playing happily in the waves? Sadly, not only aquariums looking for exhibition “pieces” are a threat to these animals. In several countries dolphin meat is a delicacy and guess who also makes profits from the sale of dolphin meat?

“The low rumble of engines cuts in the morning air as a row of fishing boats drive their catch toward the rocky shore into the shallows. Their targets? Dolphins. Once they trap a pod in a shallow cove, they capture some of the dolphins to sell to aquariums. The rest are brutally stabbed to death.

Every year, these “drive hunts” kill hundreds of dolphins and small whales in Taiji, Japan. It may surprise you to learn that Yahoo! Japan is profiting from this slaughter by selling dolphin and whale meat on its website from these hunts.”


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