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Wild Horses Need Shade, Water, Food – And Room to Run Wild

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Please read this update:

“Sep 18, 2014 — Outrage is spreading with the news of the first casualty from the Wyoming Checkerboard roundup.

A young yearling colt died of a broken neck in the roundup holding corral. In the wild, the colt would not have broken his neck because he would be free to move away from what frightened him but once trapped and shoved in captive holding pens, these wild animals often get hurt and some even die. The young colt was a federally protected American wild horse who had lost his freedom, his family and then his life.”

The great Wild West will get less wild and lose all of its appeal if the rounding up of wild horses and burros continues. These round-ups are especially egregious since there are no holding places available for the animals.

“Despite public outcry, the BLM wants to continue rounding up America’s wild horses and burros–even though most of their holding facilities are inhumane without shade and shelter and are already stocked full with 50,000 native equids. The Burns Amendment to the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act puts ALL those in holding at-risk of going to slaughter. This is very dangerous.”

Please read more and spread the word


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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