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Study in Torture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Photo: Dr. Ruth Decker

Photo: Dr. Ruth Decker

If you find the idea of taking a baby away from its mother disturbing and cruel, it is time to speak up against the proposed studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison wants. The non-human beings are to be used because their emotionality is so similar to human beings.

“Newborn monkeys are to be forcibly separated from their mothers and kept in isolation, with nothing more than a stuffed toy to comfort them. They’ll be subjected to test after test specifically designed to cause fear–including being confronted with a live Kingsnake. They will then be killed so their brain chemicals can be measured.

There’s still time to stop this, please sign now!

This is an experiment that has been proposed at the University of Wisconsin–a study with so many questions that some scientists are demanding it be cancelled. They say the experiments will be of no measurable benefit to people, while causing tremendous suffering to highly intelligent and social animals.

Notably, according to the proposal, rhesus monkeys are the subjects of this proposed study because of their “similarity to humans in social behavior, emotion, hormonal responses and brain structure.” In other words, they suffer just like us.”

Please learn more here and sign the petitions, share with friends and family, speak up for animals:

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!



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