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California Sprawling Suburbs vs. Mountain Lions (and other animals)

Photo: NWF

Photo: NWF

When people move to the suburbs not only is land taken away from animals, but the infrastructure that makes these places livable and affordable destroy whatever was left for wild animals to survive. The patchwork habitats are clearly not appropriate for survival.

It should be crucial for all planning commissions to take into account the needs of wildlife in the area.

“It’s clear that southern California’s mountain lions need our help; and right now, we have an important opportunity to do just that.

Help secure permanent protections for mountain lion habitat in southern California—urge President Obama to designate the San Gabriel Mountains as a new national monument today.

Mountain lions need large areas of open space for their “home ranges” to search for mates or prey. In the Santa Monica Mountains surrounding Los Angeles, development of multilane highways through their habitat has forced some mountain lions and other wildlife to attempt to cross these heavily trafficked roadways; and sadly, not all have survived the perilous journey.”

Please read more and sign the petition. And please share, too:;jsessionid=8C4A227CAE5EA150AA339B3CAE74DDCB.app245a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=1995&autologin=true&s_email_id=20140924_ACT_ENG_SanGabrielMtsNationalMonument_MountainLion_RapidResponders%7CMTMemAct

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!



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