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Students Need Not Despair: There Are Alternatives to Dissecting Real Animals

The Digital Frog

The Digital Frog




To motivate students in class to learn it is important to keep them interested in the subject. In the beginning of each school year many students come back from their summer break eager to find out what the new classes will bring (well, most kids would probably prefer a longer summer break but hope for not too boring classes).

Especially in biology and anatomy classes students will learn about how the body functions, if taught right a fascinating subject. Sadly, most schools have not yet learned that there are several humane tools for teaching out there.

“It’s September, and millions of students and educators are back in school—it’s a time of new beginnings. Unfortunately, the new school year will bring a cruel end for millions of animals, including cats, frogs, sharks, fetal pigs, mink, who will be dissected in classroom demonstrations.”

Please read more, sign up for the newsletters of these websites, forward to all teachers and professors, promote these alternatives, spread the word

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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