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One Deal = Heaven or Hell for Millions

Photo: HSI

Photo: HSI

Trade deals between nations can change the fate not only of these nations´s human population but can also make or break the lives of millions of animals.

The more animal welfare groups speak up before all deals are settled, the better the chances are their voices will be heard.

“Currently, the United States lags far behind the EU, where legislation protects farm animals from extreme confinement systems like battery cages and gestation crates. The EU also bans animal testing for cosmetics, but the U.S. still allows this painful and lethal testing. And unfortunately the U.S. and EU continue to legally import and export wildlife — in many cases, from endangered species who are caught, transported, and often killed in the most inhumane ways.

The TTIP agreement could push the U.S. to improve animal welfare standards if it wants to gain greater access to the EU market. It’s a roundabout — but effective — way to improve living conditions for millions of hens, pigs, and cows; ending the suffering of hundreds of thousands of rabbits and mice, and protecting wild animals. In other words, this single trade deal could accomplish the same progress for animals as multiple laws.”

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