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How to Get Safely to the Other Side of the Road

Photo: National Park Service

Photo: National Park Service

Urban areas against rural parts of the world. Who are the first to lose? The animals that need to go from one part of their habitat to another. In several countries around the world wildlife crossings have been built. These crossings, either bridges or tunnels, make it possible for wildlife to travel without having to fear for their life when crossing highways. It is a win-win situation: people and animals are kept safe.

Mountain lions and other vulnerable wildlife in the hills surrounding Los Angeles are trapped by heavily trafficked freeways cutting through their habitat areas—and many are dying trying to make it across freeways to roam or search for food.

But we have an opportunity to provide safe passage for mountain lions in this vital habitat area by creating a wildlife crossing.

Help mountain lions roam their habitat by adding your voice of support for a wildlife crossing. ”

Please read more, sign the petiition, reblog, spread the word

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!



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