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Are Animals Plants?

Photo: IDA

Photo: IDA

At first, this sounds like a pleasant idea: encouraging people to use their garden to grow their own supply of food. For a plant-based diet this could be terrific. But what will happen if you let everybody raise their chickens, turkeys, geese, or even bigger animals in their back yard?

“Please help IDA support vegan author and activist Colleen Patrick-Goudreau to stop backyard slaughter in Oakland, California. Tell the Oakland City Council that animals are not plants. Ask them to reject the proposal on urban agriculture that classifies animals as plants by including them under “Community Gardens.” This proposal would allow people to raise “livestock” in the city without needing a Conditional Use Permit. “If this passes, it will have negative impacts on thousands of animals for decades to come,” says Goudreau. She encourages everyone in Oakland to get involved to stop the slaughter and cruelty before it begins.

Backyard Slaughter means:

  • Neglected or abandoned “livestock” will be dumped at the local shelter leading to more dogs and cats being euthanized.
  • The city has a responsibility to promote the consumption of more plant foods versus animal foods with the rise of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and obesity.
  • Animal agriculture includes the sights, sounds, and smells of unregulated slaughter, which impacts the safety and well-being of neighbors.
  • Wildlife will be attracted to the area, increasing human-wildlife conflicts.”

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