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Is Boiling Hot Water Painful?

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Some people still believe that animals, especially lobsters, do not feel pain. They probably also believe that pigs can fly. Dropping someone into boiling hot water is definitely painful – and deadly – for any being, also for lobsters.

“On November 8, St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Huntsville, Alabama, plans to hold its annual Lobsterfest event, at which approximately 2,500 lobsters will be boiled alive —an act that researcher Gordon Gunter described in the journal Science as “unnecessary torture.” When dropped into scalding water, lobsters whip their bodies wildly and scrape the sides of the pot in a desperate attempt to escape. PETA has received complaints from Huntsville residents who were horrified to learn that lobsters will be tortured as part of an annual church fundraiser.”

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