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How To Choose Compassion Over Gluttony



Is it worth fighting for this one pig? Why make such a big deal about this one animal? Because this one pig stands for so many who are being sent off to slaughter. This one pig can open the eyes of many to show compassion towards a being who cannot escape his fatal fate without your help.

“As part of its Hog Wild Tire Sale event, Granite City Tire & Auto in Alexandria, Minnesota, is planning to send a pig to slaughter and give his or her flesh to the customer who can most closely guess the animal’s weight. Pigs are deeply intelligent, affectionate animals who feel pain and fear, just like the cats and dogs many of us share our homes with.

Granite City Tire & Auto ignored PETA’s request for the pig to be sent to a sanctuary instead of the slaughterhouse, so we’re urging local residents to make their voices heard and let Granite City Tire & Auto know that this barbaric sales ploy is appalling and will not be tolerated by the community.

Please contact Granite City Tire & Auto and urge the company to allow PETA to send the pig who is scheduled for slaughter to a sanctuary instead:

Let Granite City Tire & Auto know that you will not patronize a business that celebrates cruelty to animals and that you will ask your friends and family to refuse to do so as well.”

Please help this one pig, thank you!

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!


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