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Does a University Need an Elephant?

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

Many universities have traditions, most of them are fun for all. But having an elephant walk for a university? Together with the advancement of knowledge the advancement of learning should be proven here. Let the students be creative and start a new tradition – without cruelty towards other beings.

“Despite learning of the cruelty and abuse endured by elephants who are exploited for publicity stunts, Texas A&M University is moving forward with plans to maintain its archaic tradition of hosting live elephants as part of its annual Elephant Walk, an event designed to pay homage to exiting seniors. Join PETA in urging Texas A&M to wake up to the age of compassion for others!

There is no excuse for an institution of higher education to be promoting cruelty, especially among this generation of compassionate and socially aware students. Speak up for exploited elephants TODAY and ask Texas A&M to be true to its core values by compassionately carrying on its tradition without the use of a live elephant.”

Please read more here, sign the petition, reblog, spread the word:


Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!


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