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A Bit of Shark is in Every Fish

Photo: Shark Facts

Photo: Shark Facts

Sharks have a hard time getting a good lobby. People keep thinking of these animals as man-eating vicious creatures, out there to get you. But it is not the human who needs to be afraid of the shark, but the other way around. Even though sharks have extraordinary senses to survive in their natural habitat, humans have reduced the shark population by the millions.

“Fishermen in Indonesia catch an average of 109,000 metric tons of shark per year, more than any other country in the world. While catching tuna, fishermen routinely snare endangered sharks, such as the hammerhead. Yet the Indonesian government agreed to protect sharks over a decade ago.

In 1999, Indonesia signed the United Nations’ International Plan for Action to conserve sharks. Despite this commitment, fishermen continue to profit from valuable shark fins and meat. The lack of management regulations for most shark species is a huge problem – there are no catch quotas and no fishing bans.”


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You can learn more about sharks here

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