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Animals in Labs = Animals in Torture Chambers

Photo: Jo Ann Mc Arthur, NEAVS

Photo: Jo Anne Mc Arthur, NEAVS

As long as there are legally binding regulations that require animals to suffer in labs it is crucial to at least not add any further cruelty to their plight. But the agencies who are supposed to enforce these supervisions are not following through.

“Despite violating the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) again and again, many animal research facilities face few consequences. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), charged with enforcing the AWA, must take stronger action.

The Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT) animal research facility has too long a history of alleged and actual Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations, resulting in needless additional pain for animals already suffering in labs. For years, NEAVS has called on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), charged with enforcing the AWA, to revoke the lab’s license. We would also like to thank our supporters for writing letters. But business continues as usual.”

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Drilling In the Arctic Is Like Drilling In a Tooth – Only Without the Filling

Photo: Greenpeace

Photo: Greenpeace

There seems to be no limit for greed when it comes to places with hardly a lobby to speak up for them.  If oil companies had their say they would start drilling today wherever they believe they could make a profit. Do not be fooled by add campaigns stating how much these companies are doing for a healthy planet.

“This fight is going to be tough. With the new Republican controlled Congress, polluters have big plans. In fact, their first order of business was bringing the Keystone XL pipeline up for a vote. But after 2,500 of you called your Senators, the Senate voted against the pipeline.

The Arctic could be next. That’s why we need you to speak up and ask the government to protect the Arctic from oil drillers.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is accepting public comments on Arctic drilling RIGHT NOW. Submit a comment today to keep Shell from destroying the Arctic.

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Camels vs. Rockettes

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Radio City Music Hall´s Christmas show is an iconic part of New York City´s holiday traditions. The shows bring smiles to faces of all ages and are a must for many New Yorkers and tourists alike.  There is no need to feature live animals in any of these shows. The beautiful young ladies strive to be part of the show, the animals do not.

“PETA is calling on Madison Square Garden Company executives to stop the exploitation of animals after actor Kathy Najimy tweeted that camels were being paraded up and down the busy streets of New York City in an exploitative attempt to promote the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular holiday shows. Radio City also use camels, llamas, and sheep—provided by notorious Dawn Animal Agency, which was found noncompliant in 29 of the last 32 inspections performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture—in its Celebrate the Miracle live nativity performance.

The Rockettes are a holiday icon. Camels and sheep in Christmas shows are not. Urge executives to close the curtain on exploiting animals on stage and in the chaotic streets of New York City!”

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Good News: The Race Might Soon Be Over



Many people like to gamble, that´s why there are so many casinos spread over the world. Along with gambling comes betting. And betting is often tied to live beings. Boxing, car races … and animal races. The two most favorite races are horse races and greyhound races. Most of those betting on these animals have no idea what a miserable life these animals lead until they either die on the tracks, are killed due to injuries obtained during a race, or are killed once they no longer can perform adequately.

“A Travis County, Texas, judge ruled that racetracks in Texas could not use slot machines to make up for their losses on live racing. This means that the cruelty of dog racing at Gulf Greyhound Park will not be subsidized and two former dog tracks will not re-open as “racinos!” The state’s last operational track will now stand or fall on its own.”

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Noodle Soup is Good, Shark Fin Soup Is Not

Photo: Pete Sinclair and Liz Giles, Sierra Club

Photo: Pete Sinclair and Liz Giles, Sierra Club

People love to watch dolphins swim around their boats, frolic in the waters, but sharks? No way. Therefore, it is hard to find support for saving sharks from being hunted, mutilated, killed, leading to their extinction. But the ocean´s ecosystem depends on these intelligent animals in many ways, sharks being “keystones” to the intricate structure of the ecosystem.

“Sharks are amazing creatures: majestic predators that inspire awe and respect. But millions of sharks are brutally killed through the practice of “shark finning” every year.

This practice involves chopping off the shark’s fins and throwing the shark back into the sea, left to die. Many species of sharks in the Pacific Rim, such as the Oceanic Whitetip, are declining rapidly in part because of this process.

United States Trade Representative Michael Froman is deciding if the United States will protect sharks from this brutal practice. He’s working on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a pact that would expand trade of natural resources between Pacific Rim nations and could have devastating impacts on sharks, trees, and other wildlife. We understand the United States is pushing a strong conservation proposal in the TPP that includes obligations to conserve shark populations and actions to deter shark finning. Other countries in the pact are opposing strong and binding environmental provisions.

Tell the United States Trade Representative: Keep Shark Fins off the Chopping Block!”

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Whales Should Float in the Ocean, Not in a Parade


Not only children´s eyes glow while watching the big Thanksgiving parades. Huge floats designed in all colors, forms and shapes make this event a fabulous celebration for eyes, ears and souls. One float should not be there, though: a promotional float in the shape of a whale.

“SeaWorld’s stock has tanked. Corporations such as Virgin America, STA Travel, Taco Bell, and Southwest Airlines have severed their ties to the company, and shareholders have slapped it with a lawsuit. Yet Macy’s is still planning to promote the cruel company in its Thanksgiving Day Parade, even though SeaWorld profits from forcing highly intelligent orcas to perform silly circus tricks in concrete tanks that are the human equivalent of bathtubs.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is supposed to be part of a day that celebrates all there is to be thankful for, but orcas have nothing to be thankful for at SeaWorld parks, where they live in tiny chlorinated pools and gnaw at the gate bars out of extreme boredom and frustration and are denied everything that is natural and important to them.

Send a polite message to the CEO of Macy’s and its parade producer so that they know how important it is to the public to end marine animal suffering. Please forward this message to friends, family members, and coworkers and share the alert on social media.”


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The Killing Game – The Trophy Is Extinction?

Photo: IFAW

Photo: IFAW

Whether the first human settlements were developed 40.000 or 100.000 years ago, these settlements were only possible after the development of a food source that did not come from hunting. Since then, human beings have come a long way. At least those who believe that survival no longer depends on hunting.

And then there are those who believe killing is a game. They no longer need to hunt, but see it as a fun pastime. No matter how high the costs.

“Black rhinos are in trouble – but that’s not stopping two American hunters who want to bring home a sickening trophy.

With only 1,800 remaining in Namibia and a worldwide population of just 5,000, black rhinos are endangered and protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Some hunters don’t care about those numbers. They want to kill a rhino, and they want to bring their gruesome trophy home.

Tell the U.S. government to protect rare rhinos.

Two American hunters have applied for import permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They need the import permit to bring home the remains of a dead rhino. ”

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