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Good News: The Race Might Soon Be Over



Many people like to gamble, that´s why there are so many casinos spread over the world. Along with gambling comes betting. And betting is often tied to live beings. Boxing, car races … and animal races. The two most favorite races are horse races and greyhound races. Most of those betting on these animals have no idea what a miserable life these animals lead until they either die on the tracks, are killed due to injuries obtained during a race, or are killed once they no longer can perform adequately.

“A Travis County, Texas, judge ruled that racetracks in Texas could not use slot machines to make up for their losses on live racing. This means that the cruelty of dog racing at Gulf Greyhound Park will not be subsidized and two former dog tracks will not re-open as “racinos!” The state’s last operational track will now stand or fall on its own.”

You can read more about greyhound racing here

and more about the story here

Click to access 11-10-14Galv.pdf

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