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Camels vs. Rockettes

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Radio City Music Hall´s Christmas show is an iconic part of New York City´s holiday traditions. The shows bring smiles to faces of all ages and are a must for many New Yorkers and tourists alike.  There is no need to feature live animals in any of these shows. The beautiful young ladies strive to be part of the show, the animals do not.

“PETA is calling on Madison Square Garden Company executives to stop the exploitation of animals after actor Kathy Najimy tweeted that camels were being paraded up and down the busy streets of New York City in an exploitative attempt to promote the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular holiday shows. Radio City also use camels, llamas, and sheep—provided by notorious Dawn Animal Agency, which was found noncompliant in 29 of the last 32 inspections performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture—in its Celebrate the Miracle live nativity performance.

The Rockettes are a holiday icon. Camels and sheep in Christmas shows are not. Urge executives to close the curtain on exploiting animals on stage and in the chaotic streets of New York City!”

Please sign the petition, reblog, spread this widely

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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