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How to Cope With Mass Murder

Photo: The Guardian

Photo: The Guardian

It is much easier to look away and say, ” I cannot handle seeing this” or “There is no way I can watch this”. But there are people watching, and not only watching but taking part in cruelty towards other beings. Are they all heartless, sadistic monsters? Then most of the world’s population would fall into this category. No, many of them believe their actions are necessary for whatever reasons. So it is up to those people who believe in letting other beings live their lives without human torment to reach out and find convincing arguments against inhumane behavior.

Two animal welfare campaigners, Jayasimha Nuggehalli and Alokparna Sengupta, went ahead and watched the mass murder of thousands of animals in the name of God. They did not turn away. Instead, they reported these gruesome actions so that the world knows and cannot turn away. How very brave and impressive.

Here is their story

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