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Mice Are Cute and Rats Are Vile – Really?

Photo: PeTA

Photo: PeTA

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Most people will say cats, dogs and even mice are cute animals, and would not purposely hurt them. But rats? These intelligent, but seemingly vile animals seem to have no lobby, hardly any lovers, not even in the “animal lover community”. Rodents are considered pests and therefore, they are “exterminated”, “eradicated “and “extinguished” wherever and whenever possible. Nobody says “killed”, “murdered” or “abused” when talking about bringing death to these animals. Many studies have proven, though, that mice, rats and other rodents have many traits and abilities making them special and worthy to be treated well, just like every being should be treated.

“PETA’s latest eyewitness investigation, at Willards Rodent Factory, a breeding warehouse, and Jurassic Pets LLC, a pet store in Colorado, revealed horrific conditions, systematic neglect, and the pervasive suffering of thousands of animals. Witnesses found animals languishing and dying in cramped, putrid enclosures filled with days’ or weeks’ worth of feces—often with the full knowledge of the owners and management. Based on PETA’s evidence, the Thornton, Colorado, Police Department executed a search warrant at Jurassic Pets that allowed them to rescue some of the mammals, reptiles, and amphibians there.

Despite having extensive evidence of persistent, widespread cruelty to animals for more than two months, the Adams County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) has not helped the thousands of animals at Willards Rodent Factory,”

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12 thoughts on “Mice Are Cute and Rats Are Vile – Really?

  1. Signed, reblogged and tweeted. It’s very sad. I don’t understand how people can’t see that rats are just as cute and charming as other animals. Many people feel the same way about squirrels and pigeons too. Again, I really can’t see why.

  2. BeckyHelps says:

    Poor little beasties, we’ve had a few rats around the hen house. We have a cage trap and release them into the countryside. They’re all different, we had two the same size, but that there was a gingerness to one and deep brown the other. Then there was “Ratty” who at first I thought was a rabbit, it was that huge! All safely released after a bit to eat and a trip in the back of the car. Compassion to animals is always compassion to ourselves too.

      • BeckyHelps says:

        Now last night in the CCTV there was a smaller very dark rat, but that maybe it isn’t dark at all, only the infrared makes it seem that way. It’s become quite interesting watching what they get up to and the differences of each one. They are all so different.

  3. Compassion does not discriminate!! One should extend their circle of compassion to include ALL animals. Selective compassion as most of the world practices is very sad, something I will never understand.

  4. Thanks for drawing attention to this petition – Glad to have the chance to sign and share. I haven’t had much personal acquaintance with rats, but would never exclude them, or any other creature from the circle of compassion. It’s awful the way people dump any animal they happen to find a nuisance into the ‘vermin’ category.

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