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New Year = New Chances For Animals?

When humans hurt other humans chances are they think nothing of hurting non-human beings. Seeing and hearing the news about all the different stages of war, suppression, atrocities, and violence, it is no wonder when animals remain the least cared for beings.

But there is always hope. The new year has brought studies saying that more and more people decide to change their eating habits from carnivores to vegetarians. And veganism is on the rise world wide.  Yes, some are thinking of their own health and well-being, and there is nothing to say against this. When you are not healthy and happy you will find it hard to make others happy and healthy.

Small changes in your own life can lead others to follow. Just by saying “no, thank you” to the glass of milk offered to you or to the hamburger at the office barbecue might seem like a minor inconvenience to some but could lead to a change in consumption – and buying habits – to more.

The 20th century must be seen as the century where mass animal abuse was invented. Towards mid-century, traditional farming was no longer able to keep up with the growing demand for food, especially meat, dairy products and eggs. The exploitation of other species was “perfected” over the next decades, leaving us nowadays no longer thinking of hundreds or thousands or even millions of lives, but billions. Every year 10.9 million tons of chicken meat is being produced. That means approximately 10,000,000,000 chickens lost their lives last year to feed human beings. The statistics are staggering. And they usually do not show how many beings died but how many tons of meat were produced.

Every egg you do not eat, every hamburger you do not barbecue, every chicken wing you do not order saves at least one life.

The number of people who think about this is growing. And when you read this, you must be one of these special people. Let us keep these numbers growing.


Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!



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