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Pit Bulls in the Pits

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When most people meet a saint bernard on the street they will run up to her and pet her. Not so with pit bulls. People will try to cross the street and go as far away as possible. As with most animals, one should take a look at the other end of the leash. Yes, dogs have been bread to enhance certain characteristics. But no,  this does not make most pit bulls killer machines. Most of the time you need a human to turn the dog into a vicious being.

“Up to 99%  of pit bulls that enter a shelter are killed. Part of the problem is homeowners are finding it more and more difficult to obtain homeowners’ insurance that accept their breed of dogs.  In recent years, several insurance companies have blacklisted dog breeds they consider dangerous, making it all but impossible for dog owners to get the insurance they need to protect their home. Now Pit Bulls and similar dogs are filling up California shelters, breaking up families and costing the state millions of dollars.

It is time that California joined Pennsylvania and Michigan and prohibit breed specific insurance exclusions so we can stop the needless separation of families and the eventual euthanasia of innocent dogs.”

Please sign the petition and share it:

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Remember Nosey the Elephant?

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There is a glimmer of hope for a better life in the future of Nosey the elephant:

“The USDA has ordered Nosey out of the circus where she was performing in Texas and back to Florida for a veterinary check!

Thank you to the 163,000+ of you who signed this petition and sent letters to the USDA asking them to act on behalf of the long-suffering Nosey. Your voice has been heard!”

Thank you for helping and we will keep you updated on Nosey´s progress.

Do keep in mind to let your city officials know that you do not want circuses with animals performing in your city.

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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Don´t Monkey Around: Help Stop Unnecessary Experiments, Please



Most animal friends have by now probably heard of the exceptionally cruel and inhumane experiments planned at the University of Wisconsin. Many have written to show their contempt, horror and shock. There seem to be small cracks in the university´s hard shell of ignorance:

“Your efforts are starting to show signs of success. The university has decided that it will not separate and isolate the baby monkeys from their mothers at birth. I’m sure pressure from you helped them put extra effort to look at ways to reduce the controversy about these baby monkey experiments.

While this change is welcomed, the baby monkeys will still be tormented and killed after the first year of life. The experiment has not taken place! It’s scheduled to begin in June 2015 so now is the time to step up the pressure and be heard.

1) No matter where you live, everyone please contact Chancellor Blank’s office at (608) 262-9946 and ask once again that the university cancel this unethical and wasteful study.”

You can read more here:

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The Animal Legal Defense Funds Celebrates

photo: ADLF

photo: ADLF

Today I would like to share the following invitation with all of you who support animal awareness:

“You are invited to a very special dinner reception to celebrate the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s 35th anniversary. Please join fellow amazing ALDF supporters and staff in celebrating more than three decades of protecting animals through the legal system. It’s going to be a wonderful evening with tasty beverages and vegan Thai food. Here are the details:

Animal Legal Defense Fund 35th Anniversary Dinner Reception
Wednesday, April 1, 7:00 pm
Thai Landing Restaurant
1207 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD

The dinner reception is free and guests are welcome. Help us spread the word by sharing on your social network.”

Even though the Animal Legal Defense Funds graciously invites everybody I am sure they would greatly appreciate a donation to fund there remarkable work, thank you.

You can learn more about the Animal Legal Defense Fund and there work here:

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Three Baby Owls – How Does That Matter?

photo: Fund for Animals

photo: Fund for Animals

The Fund for Animals took in three young Great Horned Owls since they otherwise would not have survived. In times when daily millions of animals are slaughtered how important is the survival of three animals?

As so often, people will tend to be attracted to the fate of the young ones much easier. This interest can then be channeled into something bigger, more important, namely the survival not only of these three babies but their species. The more people get involved emotionally, the better chances are for a multitude to survive.

You can read more about the owl babies here:

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!