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Don´t Monkey Around: Help Stop Unnecessary Experiments, Please



Most animal friends have by now probably heard of the exceptionally cruel and inhumane experiments planned at the University of Wisconsin. Many have written to show their contempt, horror and shock. There seem to be small cracks in the university´s hard shell of ignorance:

“Your efforts are starting to show signs of success. The university has decided that it will not separate and isolate the baby monkeys from their mothers at birth. I’m sure pressure from you helped them put extra effort to look at ways to reduce the controversy about these baby monkey experiments.

While this change is welcomed, the baby monkeys will still be tormented and killed after the first year of life. The experiment has not taken place! It’s scheduled to begin in June 2015 so now is the time to step up the pressure and be heard.

1) No matter where you live, everyone please contact Chancellor Blank’s office at (608) 262-9946 and ask once again that the university cancel this unethical and wasteful study.”

You can read more here:

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!


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