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Pit Bulls in the Pits

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When most people meet a saint bernard on the street they will run up to her and pet her. Not so with pit bulls. People will try to cross the street and go as far away as possible. As with most animals, one should take a look at the other end of the leash. Yes, dogs have been bread to enhance certain characteristics. But no,  this does not make most pit bulls killer machines. Most of the time you need a human to turn the dog into a vicious being.

“Up to 99%  of pit bulls that enter a shelter are killed. Part of the problem is homeowners are finding it more and more difficult to obtain homeowners’ insurance that accept their breed of dogs.  In recent years, several insurance companies have blacklisted dog breeds they consider dangerous, making it all but impossible for dog owners to get the insurance they need to protect their home. Now Pit Bulls and similar dogs are filling up California shelters, breaking up families and costing the state millions of dollars.

It is time that California joined Pennsylvania and Michigan and prohibit breed specific insurance exclusions so we can stop the needless separation of families and the eventual euthanasia of innocent dogs.”

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