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Festive Food: A Wiener from a Wiener


Different counties, different traditions. In the southern part of China each year the Yulin Festival is being celebrated and its main food is dog meat. Does this make the Chinese people savoring this food any worse than for example the visitors of the Virginia Pork Festival? Or the Main Lobster Festival? The Harrod Beef Festival or the Tunarama Festival in Australia?

The world would be a better place if all these festivals could be changed into something more humane.

“Tens of thousands of dogs—many of them stolen pets—are rounded up, crammed on top of each other in cages, and transported long distances under horrific conditions. Once they arrive at the Yulin Festival—a dog meat event in southern China—they’ll be slaughtered and eaten.”

You can read more here and sign the petition:

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When Walmart Speaks Up Many Listen

Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals


Did you know that Walmart sells around 25 % of all food in the United States? A company with such a huge market share definitely has enormous influence on those that produce the food they sell. So when Walmart announced it would encourage their suppliers to give animals more space, to discourage the use of antibiotics, to use pain killers for all painful procedures, this truly is a step in the right direction.

It will not be possible to end all the inhumane actions against animals in one step, but this news gives hope that especially in the food industry there will be a change of thought – leading to a change in action.

You can read more here:

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Dogs Helping Elephants = Win/Win


There are some dogs who love to play. And then there are some people who know how to give these dogs something to do. Together, they have the chance to help fight crimes against wildlife, especially against the ivory trafficking villains.

“We’re sniffing out wildlife crime.

Our Canine Detection Unit trains dogs to sniff out illegal wildlife contraband like ivory and rhino horn – and they’re really good at it.”

The African Wildlife Foundation gives more information here:

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Sea Lion Saved from Streets of San Francisco


Sometimes, it simply is a wonderful feeling to see some good news in the world of animal awareness.

Here is a story that shows you there are some good moments in life – in this case especially in the life of this sea lion.

“It’s not unusual to see a sea lion in San Francisco. For more than 25 years, California sea lions have been frequent visitors to San Francisco’s PIER 39, hauling out on the floating docks by the hundreds.

What is unusual, however, is to see a sea lion haul out of the water at a marina and cross the busy streets of San Francisco. But that’s exactly what happened last week when a sea lion pup found himself lost in San Francisco’s Marina District.

Luckily for this lost pup, he didn’t get far before the San Francisco Police Department arrived on the scene to keep him out of harm’s way until The Marine Mammal Center’s trained rescue team could bring him back to our hospital for care.”

Watch the video here:

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Insects Should Not Be Overlooked


Most people think of insects as pests, more like rats (so undeservedly hated), only smaller. But without insects we literally would starve since plants rely on insects in many ways. So even if you are not fond of these little critters you should want to help them survive.

“With development pressure intensifying on the Grand Canyon, the Center for Biological Diversity is taking action to protect two species found nowhere else on Earth but the canyon’s wet seeps.

Our emergency petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeks federal protections for the Arizona wetsalts tiger beetle and Macdougal’s yellowtops (a flower in the aster family). Both little-known but important species are in danger from groundwater pumping to support massive new real-estate developments planned for the tiny town of Tusayan, near Grand Canyon National Park’s south rim.

These developments would draw water from the same aquifer that feeds the springs that support these species — and since the developers have no plan in place to safeguard them, the beetle and flower will go extinct if they don’t receive Endangered Species Act protections right away.

“The Fish and Wildlife Service must act quickly to protect these rare Grand Canyon species under the Endangered Species Act, or we’ll be at risk of losing an irreplaceable piece of our natural heritage,” said Robin Silver, a Center cofounder.”

Please read more here:

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Wrestling Pigs?



Humans come up with the strangest ideas, some good, some cruel. When humans wrestle with screaming, terrified, panic-stricken pigs one wonders about the state of mind of the humans.

“Pigs are highly sensitive animals who, just like our animal companions, are capable of great suffering and deserve respectful treatment. However, from July 13 to 25, the Delaware County Fair in Muncie, Indiana, plans to hold “pig wrestling” events in which young pigs will be frantically chased, grabbed at, tackled, and then slammed through a rubber tire amid a screaming crowd. Being subjected to the noise, violence, and chaos inherent in these activities is both terrifying and hazardous for the animals, and severe injuries, including broken limbs and backs, can result. Your voice is needed!
Please urge the Delaware County Fair Board to cancel its “pig wrestling” events and then forward this alert widely!”

Please call and send polite comments to:

Please speak up for the pigs, you can read more here:

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Fighting Hamsters?

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-08 um 15.29.22

Many have followed last week´s news on the Fight of the Century, millions have watched it. Two people in a boxing ring, being paid millions to fight each other. It is clear that both were in the ring on their own accord.

But when human beings inject animals with drugs to make them aggressive and then forcing them to fight there is no free will involved. These beings are being tortured.

“For nearly two decades, experimenters from the Department of Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston have been injecting hamsters with anabolic-androgenic steroids and other aggression-promoting drugs and then forcing them to fight each other. Since 1996, the experimenters have injected hundreds of animals with steroids, cocaine, and other substances, sometimes drilling into their skulls and injecting the drugs straight into their brains.”

Please read more and sign the petition here:

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Seal Hunt 2015

Many of you have probably signed petitions or campaigned against the slaughter of the seals this year. Sadly, this gruesome “tradition” of murdering the youngest seals for their beautiful coats is still being done.

The Humane Society of the United States has given this update:

“This year’s hunt started slowly, with only one quarter as many boats as last year setting out for the ice floes. Unfortunately, within a few days the hunt began, and we began recording.

Although 27,000 seals have been killed so far this year, 42,000 were killed in the same time frame last year — and 77,000 in as many days in 2013. The sealers know that the images we document are shutting their industry down. Often, they simply stop hunting when they see us — our presence saves lives.

This year, the Canadian Sealers Association announced that they are scaling back their sealing operations because of economic hardship. And for the first time in decades, the largest seal fur processor in Canada refused to purchase skins because their unsold stock was too large. It has never been clearer that the sealing industry is dying.”

Please continue with your your protests. Even if this year´s slaughter could not be stopped the more people speak up the better the chances are for next year.

You can read more here:

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Circus for Humans Only

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 3.58.34 AMphoto: World Animal Protection

More and more people no longer associate circus with watching animals pressured into abnormal behavior but love to see other humans perform amazing, daring, funny, and beautiful acts.

If you want to be amazed by a wild animal there are many ways to do this without harming this creature.

“We welcome the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ recent vote to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in performances for entertainment.

The ban was approved and applies to circuses, backyard birthday parties and filming of movies and television shows. San Francisco is just one of many cities around the country that are increasingly making animal welfare a priority by keeping animals out of circuses.

Every day, animals suffer in the name of entertainment. They are snatched from their natural habitats and forced into captivity where they are often subjected to abuse – both mentally and physically. All of this happens behind the scenes, so the public is usually unaware that any of this suffering goes on.”

You can read more about this here:

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Saving Wildlife One County at a Time



One county, one state at a time: California’s Mendocino County will think again about killing off their wildlife without reason. When animal welfare groups and individual citizens form coalitions their voice will be heard.

“Mendocino, Calif. — In response to legal pressure from a coalition of animal protection and conservation groups, Mendocino County officials agreed today to suspend the renewal of the county’s contract with the notorious federal wildlife-killing program known as Wildlife Services, pending an environmental review that will include consideration of nonlethal predator control methods. The county’s decision came after the coalition, and a Mendocino resident, filed a lawsuit against the county in November for violating the California Environmental Quality Act. As a result of that agreement, the coalition has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit.”You can read more here:

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