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Seal Hunt 2015

Many of you have probably signed petitions or campaigned against the slaughter of the seals this year. Sadly, this gruesome “tradition” of murdering the youngest seals for their beautiful coats is still being done.

The Humane Society of the United States has given this update:

“This year’s hunt started slowly, with only one quarter as many boats as last year setting out for the ice floes. Unfortunately, within a few days the hunt began, and we began recording.

Although 27,000 seals have been killed so far this year, 42,000 were killed in the same time frame last year — and 77,000 in as many days in 2013. The sealers know that the images we document are shutting their industry down. Often, they simply stop hunting when they see us — our presence saves lives.

This year, the Canadian Sealers Association announced that they are scaling back their sealing operations because of economic hardship. And for the first time in decades, the largest seal fur processor in Canada refused to purchase skins because their unsold stock was too large. It has never been clearer that the sealing industry is dying.”

Please continue with your your protests. Even if this year´s slaughter could not be stopped the more people speak up the better the chances are for next year.

You can read more here:

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!


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