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Wrestling Pigs?



Humans come up with the strangest ideas, some good, some cruel. When humans wrestle with screaming, terrified, panic-stricken pigs one wonders about the state of mind of the humans.

“Pigs are highly sensitive animals who, just like our animal companions, are capable of great suffering and deserve respectful treatment. However, from July 13 to 25, the Delaware County Fair in Muncie, Indiana, plans to hold “pig wrestling” events in which young pigs will be frantically chased, grabbed at, tackled, and then slammed through a rubber tire amid a screaming crowd. Being subjected to the noise, violence, and chaos inherent in these activities is both terrifying and hazardous for the animals, and severe injuries, including broken limbs and backs, can result. Your voice is needed!
Please urge the Delaware County Fair Board to cancel its “pig wrestling” events and then forward this alert widely!”

Please call and send polite comments to:

Please speak up for the pigs, you can read more here:

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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