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No More Primates on Japan Airlines

photo: Cruelty Free International

photo: Cruelty Free International

photo: Stop Vivisection

photo: Stop Vivisection

With pressure mounting on those airlines that still have continued flying animals to a life of torture and death, Japan Airlines has committed to stop taking in this kind of cargo.

“Following repeated requests from PETA and PETA Asia, Japan Airlines wrote to PETA earlier this month: “We don’t ship primates to laboratories and laboratory suppliers at the moment and will not ship them in the future.”

The announcement comes after PETA notified the company in April that an animal experimentation journal reported that Japan Airlines was actively involved in the transport of monkeys from the Philippines, and possibly other locations, to laboratories where they are likely imprisoned, cut into, infected, and killed.

Japan Airlines joins virtually every major airline in the world in banning these cruel shipments.”

You can thank Japan Airlines here:

Mr Inamori
President, Japan Airlines
JAL Building
4-11, Higashi-Shinagawa 2 Chome
Tokyo 140-8637

Press Office:
Worldwide Press Office:

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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