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Strength in Numbers: Victory in Ending Mass Animal Sacrifice

photo: Humane Society International

photo: Humane Society International

Some may not believe in petitions and campaigns, saying they cannot change the fate of animals by signing and sharing these petitions. We all have read about the public outcry over the death of a lion in Zimbabwe, whose name, Cecil, has started to stand for the fight in ending cruel animal abuse, mostly ending in the death of a being who had no chance of survival.

But some stories show that the international community does have a choice, and can change a life, sometimes even many lives.

” HSI (Humane Society International), along with Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN), have successfully convinced the trustees of the Gadhimai temple in Nepal to forbid animal sacrifice at future festivals. This means that animals like water buffalo, cows, goats, chickens, pigeons and pigs will be spared a grisly death by bludgeoning or decapitation in the horrific slaughter that happens there every five years.

This significant development comes eight months after the end of last year’s bloodbath that you stood with us to fight.”

You can read more here

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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