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Running for Fun, Not for Entertainment

photo: GREY2K USA

photo: GREY2K USA

photo: GREY2K USA

photo: GREY2K USA

Over the centuries, it has been a tradition in many countries to have beings race against each other for the amusement of the onlookers. The human being probably is the only being where running in a race is a choice, not a must.

As with other traditions there should come a time to think it over, to decide whether or not the tradition still is in any way useful, amusing or necessary.

Dog racing is a tradition that might have been amusing and even necessary to bring some entertainment into the lives of hard working people, where hardly any other forms of entertainment were available. But in the 21st century in developed countries there are millions of ways to be entertained. Hurting other beings for amusement should no longer be called a tradition.

Thanks to the consistent efforts of several humane organizations, dog racing will end in Texas. As of January 1st, 2016, there will no longer be any dog track in the whole state. It would be wonderful if more states would follow and dog racing would become one of the obsolete traditions.

You can read more here:

Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!


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