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Whales and Seals and How They Came into the Public’s View

Sometimes it can become frustrating to be involved in any kind of animal awareness movement. When there is yet another story about an elephant walking in pain for the amusement of some kids, when the horror stories about male chicks being ground alive come up in the news yet again, when “amusement parks” will not let whales out of their tiny confinement pools, there sometimes seems no end on sight.

Then you need some inspiration to go on. If you have a chance to watch the movie “How to Change the World” this could give you the uplift you might need. The history of Greenpeace is not a straight forward road into the sunshine of animals’  lives but shows the struggles and human failures that still have led to some very successful – and life saving – actions.

There was a group of people who tried to do their best, who fought and were simply human but who changed the lives of many, especially animals. And even though there still lies a long road ahead of the animal awareness movement it is worth every single step.

Here is some more information:

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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