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Without Bees, there Will Be Hardly Any “To Be” but More “Not To Be”

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photo: Huffington Post

The bee colony collapse disorder had spread rapidly around the world with most people being unaware of the fact and the far reaching consequences of this tragedy in the bee world. At first, the reports were far and wide between, but this changed rapidly. Until today, there still is no consensus on what is causing the deaths of so many colonies.

But more and more studies have found a strong link between the use of neonics and the bee colony collapse disorder. The European Union will decide about a total ban on these pesticides in the near future and if this ban should go through it would certainly give other nations more reason to consider doing the same.

Without bees our world would not only miss out on the beauty of this species but it would actually be a major issue in supplying food.

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CGI Lions for Food Lion

New technologies could mean the end of cruelty towards animals for entertainment´s and advertisement´s sake. In the Movie “Dawn of the Planet of Apes” you can see how wonderfully movies can be produced without the torture aspect included.

photo: istock/HAYKIRDI

photo: istock/HAYKIRDI

“Despite receiving information from PETA about how captive lions suffer when used as “actors” for commercials, grocery chain Food Lion continues to use lions in its advertisements. Lions and other wild animals used for entertainment are typically confined to small cages and deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. Many are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth and subjected to abusive training methods, such as electric shocks and food deprivation. Many people assume that the American Humane Association prevents the abuse of animals used for commercials, but the organization doesn’t monitor preproduction training, living conditions for animals, or the disposal of animals when they’re no longer useful to trainers. Please Urge Food Lion to ban the use of lions and any other wild animals in future ad campaigns. Please forward this message to friends, family members, and coworkers.”

You can red more here and sign the petition:

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How to Keep Warm without Wool

Half of the world is heading towards winter, with temperatures falling and people layering on warm clothes. Most of the fashion industry still makes consumers believe that the best way to keep the cold out and warmth in comes from animal products.

This certainly was true up until the 20th century. Fur, wool, angora wool, leather, silk, and other products derived from animals were mostly the only way to dress appropriately in freezing temperatures.

Nowadays, there are so many alternatives, but the lobby for wool and fur remains strong. Some fashion designers have completely stopped using animal products, e.g. Stella McCartney , Vivienne Westwood and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. Their designs are all animal friendly, with no exceptions. Then there are designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, who went fur-free thanks to campaigns showing the cruelty of the industry towards the animals.

But there also are many products and designs on the market that are more affordable, you just need to always read the labels – something many consumers skip. Not only do they forget, some labels are either so hard to find or printed so small that you either give up looking for them or you can barely read them. But it is worth your while. You will find that you can stay warm without having to worry what the animal had to go through before landing on your back (or feet).

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Pig Execution: Pictures from Hell

Compassion over Killing

Compassion over Killing

When you walk through the isles of a grocery store where meat products are being presented to the customers you will see either gorgeous pictures of animals roaming green pastures, animals with smiles on their faces or pictures of some animal part that – if you did not know better – seem to not have belonged to any living being at all.

What you will not see is the truth. You will not see the animals being beaten, kicked, stabbed, hung from hooks alive. You will not smell the angst, the terror, the excrements. You will not hear the screams, the moans, the sounds of beings going through their last living moments through hell.

No medieval torture chamber could have come up with such prefect haunts of horror.

Please see for yourself and share widely, especially with those, who still buy meat:

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At the Mall: Shopping, Restaurants and …. Animal Adoptions?

There seems to be a new trend developing in the animal shelter world. Shelters are expanding their shelter adoption places to the mall. At first it might seem scary to hear that people can stop by between buying a new pair of jeans and getting a cup of coffee to check out the kittens and puppies at the shelter’s space directly in the mall.

The Humane Society of Naples, Florida set up their first animal adoption space in a mall several years ago. Several other organizations have followed and so far, it seems to be a win-win situation. People who might otherwise have bought a puppy from a puppy mill supported pet shop see what the local animal shelter has to offer. They are then provided with information on adoptions, learn more about where the animals come from and some even decide against the baby dog in favor of a more mature dog waiting for a forever home at the shelter.

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Chimpanzees and the American Anti-Vivisection Society

For all of you who want to read more on chimpanzees and their well-being, there is a wonderful publication out from the American Anti-Vivisection Society:

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Thanksgiving Is Execution Time for Millions of Animals

Pepper photo: Farm Sanctuary

photo: Farm Sanctuary

One of the biggest non-religious holidays, bringing together many families, continues to be the day for which millions of animals will be slaughtered. Sadly, the tradition of feasting on a bird’s carcass remains in place, even though vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise. There actually are many vegetarians and vegans who make an exception to their diet just so they do not have to stand up against the criticism of the carnivores surrounding them.

But it is actually easy to stick to a plant based diet during these feast days. Many dishes served “on the side” can be either made without any animal parts or are vegan anyway. You can find anything from vegan stuffing to fake turkey and vegan pumpkin pie in most grocery stores around the country.

So there is no need to worry. If you are invited to a carnivorous Thanksgiving dinner just bring some of those delicious foods along. The only thing to worry about is to bring enough to share.

And if you want to save some animals from execution please support sanctuaries that take care of these beings.

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