Stop the mass killing of Bali’s dogs

Please sign the petition and check out the organization Soi Dog:

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Vegan Lynx

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Take Action for Animals 2016

If you have time, this event is one of the best for learning about animal awareness, networking, meeting interesting and like-minded people, and experiencing a room full of people who do not question your empathy and concern with beings who are non-human.


Thank you for spreading the news on animal awareness!

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Vegan in New York City

The only difference

Whether you live in New York City or are just visiting but do not know where to find some fabulous vegan places to go to, here is some great news for you:

The New York restaurateur Ravi DeRossi will turn 15 of his bars and restaurants into all vegan places.

You can read more here:


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!


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How Many Animals Need Help?

Whoever is concerned about animal welfare is often overwhelmed by the many causes being addressed asking for support, mostly by asking for donations.

There is a study by the Animal Charity Evaluators which evaluates where the most animals are being harmed and which causes  make the most difference if successfully implemented. Not surprisingly, the gruesome fact is that factory farming leads to the highest numbers of animals killed. If it were possible to eradicate these murder machines billions of lives could be saved. Investing in causes linked to the end of these man-made hells would save more lives than with any other cause.

The study is not about the quality of life for sentient beings, but only about the quantity of animals in need.

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Number of animals vs. amount of donations

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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A Landmark Moment for Animal Rights

Please share this news. The more people hear about decisions like these the better the chances are that other nations will copy these animal-friendly actions.

Animalista Untamed

Europe decides rabbits are more important than eyeshadow

This is welcome news, long overdue. Let’s hope the US will follow suit and the rest of the world will catch up. I long for the day when ALL animal testing is history.

The European Union is scheduled to ban all animal-tested products next month, but the rest of the world hasn’t followed suit. This is a landmark moment for animal rights’ activists.

It’s common knowledge that much of the cosmetic and personal care industry tests products on animals. Despite advances in technology, animal experiments are still particularly cruel—and surprisingly ineffective in determining a product’s safety. That’s why the European Union recently announced that after years of delays, it’s finally banning the import and sale of all animal-tested products and ingredients, starting March 11.

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