This is the Future – 5 Awesome People Make Fabulous ‘Post-Animal’ Food

Even if not in New York City, let these people inspire you. Thank you, Animalista Untamed, for posting this blog:

Animalista Untamed

A New York Restaurateur Goes Vegan: Can He Turn A Profit And Satisfy His Conscience?


Such a shame it’s all happening in #NYC – c’mon #London, catch up!

In December, #RaviDeRossi, the owner of 15 restaurants and bars in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, made a radical business decision: he resolved to convert as many of his restaurants as possible to vegan menus. Like many entrepreneurs, he’s struggling with how to stay true to his personal values while running a viable business.

Forbes’ headline is misleading. Ravi didn’t ‘go vegan’. The former successful abstract painter says he has been vegan most of his life. I love this man – it was while taking time at home to care for his dying cat that he did some serious soul-searching and decided that “I wanted to start turning my restaurants #vegan.” He said he could no longer justify the toll his practices were taking on the environment…

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