EUROBAROMETER 2016 Proves EU Citizens Overwhelming Support for Animal Welfare

Enjoy this information – one continent at a time, thanks to Animalista Untamed.

Animalista Untamed

Have you ever heard of the Eurobarometer 2016?  The what? I certainly hadn’t until just now. What is this Eurobarometer 2016? It is a survey conducted by the EU Commission testing the weather of opinion on animal welfare among the citizens of all EU member states

And I’m very happy to say that the Eurobarometer casts bright rays of hope over animal welfare in Europe for the years ahead. Admittedly, there are still mountains of work needed to bring the lives animals actually experience in line with Eurogroup for Animals’ vision but we have every reason for optimism. 

Incidentally, in the next week or so I’m going to be taking a look at the EU and animal welfare in the light of the UK’s forthcoming In/Out referendum. Meanwhile feast your eyes on this beauty (and the text below!)

Sheep head wool eurogroup for animals eurobarometer 2016

Before we get to the Eurobarometer, let me introduce you to Eurogroup for AnimalsI’ve no idea why I didn’t know about this group either, since…

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